In lieu of our Weekly Market Update, Christian Reilly shares a video memorial he made for Tom Weary, CFA®, filled with sage words of wisdom from Tom himself.


Hi, I’m Christian Reilly. This week we will forego a Weekly Market Update to instead show a video memorial of our late CIO, Tom Weary. I may be a new face in front of the camera, but that’s because I’m the one who’s always behind the camera. Each week for the past few years, I have been Tom’s counterpart—I’m the one who films, directs, and edits our vlog. I have spent countless hours with Tom over the years bringing you your Weekly Updates. It’s because of those countless hours together that I felt so compelled to make one last video for Tom.

In the video, you’ll hear audio of Tom narrating in the background. A few years ago, Tom, being the philosophy major from Harvard that he was, asked me to record a video for him where he could share some personal perspective and wisdom. In this video, he shared his thoughts on life, how to appropriately face troubled times, and how to appreciate the present moment. We never quite knew what we would do with that recording, and it has sat untouched for the last few years. Unbeknownst to us, this was the final purpose of that recording.

I want to say a personal thank you to Tom. I want to thank him for his friendship, his mentorship, his kindness, and especially his patience, as each week he and I learned how to make the best vlog possible for all of you to enjoy. So, Thank you, Tom!

Now please enjoy this slideshow of Tom’s life as he offers us his sage wisdom one last time.

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