RFA’s Wealth Legacy division caters to clients who have accumulated a significant amount of wealth and have unique needs associated with their complex financial lives. Although you may no longer need to worry about having enough to meet your goals, you can still benefit from custom-tailored advice and services intended to constuct, administer, and transition your wealth.

Constructing Wealth

First, we’ll analyze your goals. It’s impossible to build an appropriate portfolio for your specific needs without having a solid understanding of the goals you wish to attain. Next, our portfolio management team develops a personalized investment strategy, taking into consideration any tax implications. Your new portfolio will combine traditional stocks and bonds with alternative investment options only available to accredited investors, such as hedge funds, private equity, private real estate, and specialized capital managers.

You can rest easy knowing our Investment Committee evaluates the international marketplace regularly, rotating within sectors consistent with global economic analysis. These portfolio investments and risk exposure decisions help guide how you can reach both your short- and long-term goals.

Administering Wealth

Managing your wealth in a coordinated manner is just as important as building wealth when it comes to reaching your goals. That’s why we’ll work to help you:

  • Avoid unnecessary investment risks
  • Maximize portfolio returns
  • Plan and potentially reduce tax implications
  • Determine additional goals and future needs, such as education planning and philanthropic gifting
  • Coordinate with your estate planning attorney, family office, CPA, and other designated financial professionals

We work diligently to ensure your portfolio is managed in the most tax-efficient manner possible. This includes engaging in the following:

  • Asset location, or being cognizant of where your investment is held for its specific tax characteristics. This involves the coordination of your non-qualified (taxable) and qualified (tax-deferred and tax-free) accounts.
  • Strategic coordination of capital gains realization. We work with CPAs to evaluate your specific tax situation and investment portfolio objectives when realizing capital gains and/or losses.
  • Tax-sensitive investment portfolio withdrawal strategies. We develop a plan to optimize and minimize taxation when drawing from your portfolio based on your family’s current and future income projections. This also involves the coordination of non-qualified and qualified accounts and the use of other strategies, such as Roth conversions.
  • Coordination of charitable giving. If you are charitably inclined, we evaluate how you can ensure your charitable giving is making the most impact.

Transitioning Wealth

Once you’ve spent considerable time amassing and maintaining your wealth, it’s time to explore your options for passing on your wealth to the next generation.

The key to successful wealth transitions is communicative and collaborative family meetings in which your future wishes and legacies are clearly communicated to all heirs.

Reilly Financial Advisors is uniquely prepared to help coordinate and engage in family wealth transition discussions as the facilitator, to whatever degree you choose. By including a seasoned and neutral third party, you can help ensure your future wishes are well communicated and better understood by heirs.

Our pre-meeting planning includes the preparation of agendas and discussion of what will and will not be disclosed. Family wealth transition meetings include discussion related to estate planning importance, tax planning (in order to mitigate critical tax issues), the management of existing assets, and philanthropic planning.

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