Reilly Financial Advisors builds personalized stock and bond portfolios.

Our personalized stock and bond portfolios efficiently and cost-effectively provide clients with a variety of risk-weighted portfolio options, coordinated into one portfolio, while adhering to fundamental asset allocation. Our in-house research and analysis team monitors portfolio holdings each and every day, focusing on and carrying out the critical strategies and tasks outlined below.

Our portfolios have no proprietary products, and all fees are clearly disclosed. These tailored portfolios incorporate each client’s unique financial situation.

Asset Allocation

This process divides a portfolio among a number of different asset classes. We run thousands of mathematical simulations, in a process known as mean variance optimization, in order to know how much of the equities to allocate to each bucket as we build our optimal stock portfolio.

Sector Allocation

Sector allocation looks at the weightings in the portfolio from the perspective of economic sectors, such as Technology, Healthcare, or Utilities. We review and analyze current economic conditions, trends, and our expectations for the future in order to help us identify themes to pursue when it comes to stock selection.

Stock Selection

This is the task of picking individual names within the portfolio. We believe we have the best chance of optimizing performance for our clients over time by simultaneously pursuing each of the equally important, yet often opposing, investment imperatives: quality, value, focus, and balance (whose interrelationship is depicted in the Investment Diamond℠).

Portfolio Rebalancing

This is the process of strategically realigning the weightings of a portfolio of assets through trading activity. Conducting regular rebalances helps our clients maintain their desired asset allocation strategies and appropriate levels of diversification over time.

Buy Strategy

Our unique buy strategy, which uses sophisticated technology and tools to research and select the stocks held within our portfolios, incorporates a proprietary 20-point inspection, screening the universe of more than 65,000 stocks available for public purchase.

Sell Strategy

The RFA sell strategy is a critical component to adhering to the risk tolerance that we establish within our clients’ personalized portfolios and helps determine when we will sell positions within those portfolios.

Global Macroeconomics Strategy

Our global macroeconomics strategy evaluates the possible effects of international influences on portfolio holdings. This constant analysis adds to our unique investment management approach and directly drives buy and sell decisions within client portfolios.

The True Value of an Investment Committee

In order to build, maintain, and continuously improve our portfolios, we employ the vast knowledge of our Investment Committee. The Reilly Financial Advisors Investment Committee is comprised of a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Yale-educated Ph.D., a Harvard graduate, and our founders, who collectively represent more than 150 years of investment experience. View this PDF to learn more about our Investment Committee.

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Please Note: The achievement of any professional designation, certification, degree, or license; membership in any professional organization; and/or any amount of prior experience or success should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience a certain level of results or satisfaction if RFA is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services.

Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the needs of the client. RFA does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. RFA does not prepare estate planning documents or sell insurance products.

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