Best Places to Work in San Diego is a survey and awards program dedicated to identifying and recognizing outstanding companies whose benefits, policies, and practices are among the best in the region. Reilly Financial Advisors is honored to have made this list for ten years in a row.

Disclosure: San Diego Business Journal (“SDBJ”) “Best Places to Work in San Diego” 2021. San Diego Business Journal is a registered trademark, all rights reserved. The Best Places to Work in San Diego Program is a survey competition to determine which participants are the best employers. The process is managed by Best Companies Group (“BCG”) and winners are published in the SDBJ. BCG bases its rankings upon survey responses provided by participating employees and employers, including data provided by Reilly Financial Advisors (“RFA”). BCG indicates that its assessment and corresponding ranking is a two-part process designed to gather detailed data about each participating company. In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire regarding company policies, practices and demographics. In part two, employees of the company complete an employee survey consisting of approximately 78 statements that employees respond to on a five-point agreement scale. The survey also includes two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions. The collected information from the two instruments is combined to produce a detailed set of data enabling the analysts to determine the strengths and opportunities of the participating companies. The workplaces are ranked based on this data.

Participating companies are only required to pay a fee to be eligible for the “Best Places to Work in San Diego” ranking if they did not provide electronic responses to the surveys. RFA and its employees responded electronically, and therefore did not pay participation fees. RFA is unaware of any undisclosed facts that could potentially invalidate the appropriateness of the ranking. By virtue of disclosing this ranking, RFA is disclosing favorable ratings (to the extent that RFA is ranked above other companies) and unfavorable ratings (to the extent that RFA is ranked below other companies). RFA is ranked in the “Small Employer Category,” which refers to employers who have between 15 and 49 U.S. employees that also meet the following eligibility criteria: be a publicly or privately held business; be a for-profit, not-for-profit business or government entity; have a facility in San Diego County; have a minimum of 15 full-time or part-time employees working in San Diego (subject to additional criteria); and be in business a minimum of one year. BCG does not publish, nor is RFA aware of the percentage of other advisers or other entities that received the applicable ranking. The ranking may not be representative of any one client’s experience because of the way in which it is calculated. The ranking is absolutely not indicative of RFA’s future performance, or any future performance pertaining to its clients’ investments. This ranking or any other rankings and/or recognition by unaffiliated rating services and/or publications should not be construed as a guarantee that a client will experience a certain level of results or satisfaction if RFA is engaged, nor should it be construed as a current or past endorsement by any of its clients. A copy of RFA’s current written disclosure statement discussing its advisory services and fees remains available upon request.

The ranking list itself is available at the following link via YouTube (go to 6:24):

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