• 401(k) Tune-Up

    An appropriate investment strategy should target the return needed to fund anticipated goals while taking the least amount of risk. Our objective in reviewing your current employee retirement plan is to examine your investment selection and see if it can be further optimized. We consider asset allocation, fund performance, your risk profile, and fees. Always consult your tax and investment advisors before making any changes.

  • Social Security Analysis

    Social Security should be evaluated on the basis of your financial circumstances at the first opportunity to select payment (age 62) and should be coordinated with related tax and income consideration. Your Social Security Analysis will compare the benefits of alternative election strategies and highlight the strategy that will maximize lifetime Social Security benefits.

  • Retirement Income Analysis

    How close are you to funding your retirement savings goals? Will you have enough to retire at the age of your choosing? The purpose of this Monte Carlo-style Retirement Income Analysis is to provide an income projection throughout retirement. The analysis will show the probability of current investment assets lasting throughout retirement at three separate withdrawal rates: best case, median case, and worst case.

  • Annuity Analysis

    Is your annuity doing what you think it is? Are you interested in knowing your options? Your Annuity Analysis will break down your current annuity’s fee structure and compare that fee to potential fees if that money was under management at Reilly Financial Advisors. Weighing those fees and historical performance, the analysis will project a breakeven point between keeping the annuity and surrendering it.

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Oftentimes it can be difficult to know exactly how your investments are positioned when spread across multiple accounts or custodians. In this analysis, we will review your current investments for overall asset allocation, sector weightings, portfolio risk, and underlying fees to provide you with a detailed summary of your investment portfolio, ensuring you are better informed to make future investment decisions.

  • College Planning Analysis

    With college expenses increasing at nearly twice the rate of inflation, there is no better time to start saving for your child's or grandchild's education than today. Your College Funding Analysis will provide a path forward that determines what amount you should be saving annually—and to which accounts—in order to fund any shortfalls in tuition, room and board, or other college-related expenses.

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