Your personal wealth transition strategy does more than provide the who, what, where, when, and why regarding your financial assets, but rather it provides the opportunity for you to communicate your final wishes, values, and legacy that you want your loved ones to remember you by.

Yet, the multitude of tasks required to prepare for a wealth transition and communicate that plan to your heirs can become challenging. Add in the personal opinions and wishes of multiple generations coupled with a complex tax code, and the process can seem downright daunting.

Every year real money, in significant amounts, is lost by families who never get around to discussing and developing a well-planned wealth transition strategy.

Reilly Financial Advisors has a unique understanding of the requirements to prepare effective wealth transition strategies, and our staff of experts are able to help you each step of the way. From developing a pre-meeting checklist to providing a Preparing Heirs Meeting Agenda, we’re able to act as your strategic partner throughout the process.

It’s not uncommon to spend more time preparing estate plans and documents than preparing loved ones for what is to come once those documents are enacted upon. In fact, the failure rate of family wealth transitions can almost directly be tied to the amount of communication regarding your final wishes.

It’s important to remember that the family wealth transition process is just that – A process integrating your family.

Set your mind at ease by allowing Reilly Financial Advisors to help you through this process. Call your Senior Wealth Advisor at 800.682.3237 today to learn more about this complimentary service that can truly help you pass your legacy on to heirs.

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