“During an insurance review, a client was advised to add an umbrella policy and increase his auto policy. He called his insurance company to request one and was told the he needed to increase his auto liability coverage in order to start a new umbrella policy. He got the umbrella paperwork mailed, but was able to increase his auto coverage over the phone.

That week, his son was driving a car registered in his name and was in a severe accident. The son was held liable, and if it were not for the increased auto policy, the settlement would have been financially catastrophic.

The point of this story is that NOW is the time to do an insurance review.”

-Curtis West, Senior Wealth Advisor 

“This particular client is a realtor, and uses her vehicle to transport clients to look at prospective properties.  She was lacking adequate auto liability coverage, considering business use was not added to her policy.  If an accident occurred with a client in her car, she could have been exposed to substantial liability risk. In addition, she owns multiple real estate properties, used for residential rental purposes.  She was lacking basic liability coverage on her rental policies, and therefore not meeting the requirements for her umbrella policy (in effect negating the umbrella coverage).  Considering personal assets of over $6 million were at risk, this was an eye-opening revelation uncovered by our insurance analyst.

Another client has added substantial improvements to their home in the past few years, substantially increasing the home’s value and liability risk, considering the installation of a pool.  Our insurance review uncovered the areas which needed enhancements/endorsements to basic coverage.  In addition, the client was shocked to learn that they had no umbrella policy in place, leaving personal assets of over $4 million at risk.

In both cases above, clients assumed that their insurance agent was ‘taking care of them’ and trusted that their policies were adequate.  This shows the importance of an independent party taking a closer look at policies to determine gaps or shortfalls, leaving the client vulnerable to lawsuits and loss of assets.”

-Jenifer Pratt, Senior Wealth Advisor


Understanding clients entire financial lives is critical to helping them achieve their goals. And it’s the reason we offer Complimentary Insurance Reviews on property and casualty policies.

The word “Insurance” doesn’t evoke excitement, and it certainly isn’t something discussed at dinner parties. But the reality is that it is a necessity in life.

Through an outside third-party consultant who does not sell any insurance, we are able to review policies and discover whether clients have adequate coverage that will thoroughly cover their costs in the event of an accident or claim.

The Analysis reviews:

■ Home Owners Policy
■ Auto Policies
■ Umbrella Policy

Our independent analysis will provide:
■ A summary of the current home, auto, and liability policies
■ An understanding of how the current coverage functions
■ Identification of any potential gaps in coverage
■ Strategies to reduce premiums without sacrificing appropriate protection


RFA does not sell insurance! This is simply an additional service offering that we provide for clients to help mitigate risk. Call us today to take advantage of this complimentary service!



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