Frank Reilly, President of La Mesa-based Reilly Financial Advisors, was named on the 2019 Barron’s Top
1200 U. S. Financial Advisors Ranked by State.

“We are very honored to be named #30 on the list of California advisors,” said President Frank Reilly.

Barron’s provided the application and the ranking for the financial advisors. The application was completed by Reilly Financial Advisors and not by their clients. Reilly Financial Advisors did not pay a fee to be considered for the ranking. There were not undisclosed facts, nor unfavorable facts that would potentially invalidate the ranking. This ranking is based upon Barron’s analysis of applications received from other participating financial advisors. The criteria Barron used for their ranking can be found by clicking here. We are unaware of how many other financial advisors submitted an application to Barron’s. This ranking does not represent any of our client’s experience. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

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